SA Apple Growers Up in Arms


Apple growers have strong concerns that threatened imports from China could bring with them diseases that could severely damage the apple growing industry in South Australia.
Red Delicious Apples
In particular it is feared that the fruit fly, drosophila suzukii, which is native to China and has reached USA, could turn up in Australia.
Many Australian consumers are understandably resistant to imported fruit. When we hear reports of citrus crops being left to rot because of cheap imports, it is no wonder.
Here in the Adelaide hills, we have many excellent apple growers who work hours that we city dwellers would find hard to believe and who have as many as five family generations before them. 
Their concerns should come as no surprise. They deserve to be protected from the possibility of disease from future imports from China. 
Have we learnt any lessons from the cane toads, millipedes, European wasps etc? 
So imports could not only undermine the viability of local apple growers, as it did Riverland citrus growers with a shrinking domestic market, but it could also be threatened by the dreaded fruit fly. 
So what can the everyday consumer do?

In the end the consumer has the power. If people like you and I don't buy them, they will soon be taken off the shelves.