Welcome to First Froots, the freshest fruit & vegetables delivered to your door.www.FirstFroots.com.au 

Please Register - At the top left hand side of website under the heading - CUSTOMERS - click onREGISTER and enter your personal details. (Please use a unique username - your Christian name may already be taken). 

Next - log in by entering your USERNAME and PASSWORD on the top right hand side and press Enter. You are now ready to start shopping. (Please record your username and password) 

To Shop - Click on the headings below SHOPPING and choose the category you would like to start ordering ie FRUIT

To Order by Unit (Each) - Select a product ie Apples-Pink Lady-Lunchbox and enter the number you require in the Each Box. When a product has an Each and per KG box, the system calculates an approximate cost for the Each option by using an average weight. When we pack your order, we weigh each product and charge the exact weight of the units at the per KG price so you pay for what you actually receive. 

To Order in Kilograms - When a product is listed in Kilograms you can enter whole numbers or decimal places to order parts of a Kilogram. ie Enter 1 (for 1Kg) or .5 (for half a Kg) 

To Add to SHOPPING CART - PRESS ENTER (Please make sure you 'Add to Cart' before moving from one category to another ie Fruit to Vegetables). 

There is a search on the top right - if you can't find a product, enter part of the name and press 'Enter' for the products to be displayed - make sure you have Added To Cart all products before you Search for a product. 

When you have finished ordering, follow the prompts under SHOPPING CART to the last screen where your delivery day options will appear. 

STEP 1: Check your cart contents... All products are listed in Alphabetical order, so you can quickly check your order. At this point of ordering you can still add products by choosing them from the Shopping Categories or remove them by typing in a zero and pressing enter. You can also type notes in Product Comments next to the product. ie Next to Bananas type: half green half yellow, etc. Press Enter to lock in notes. 

Add delivery instructions - ie If not home leave ..............(choose a shady place). 

First Froots deliveries are in foam boxes to keep the products chilled like an esky. If you aren't home when we deliver, please return the box next time you order. If you are home, the driver can take the boxes with him. We record the delivery instructions so you don't need to enter them each week. 

Select the Delivery Day - Afternoon deliveries are between 11am and 7pm, Morning deliveries are between 7am and 1pm. 

Next Select your payment method - if paying credit card online, the system will prompt you to enter your card details. If you would like to pay cash, please contact us if you may not be home. 

The final step is to click on Process to complete your order with us. 

You will then receive an email confirmation with the date your delivery will be made. If you have accidentally chosen the wrong day, please phone or email us ASAP. 

You can also log into MEMBER PANEL, and view your order on the PREVIOUS ORDERS tab. If your order can't be seen there - it hasn't processed - please contact us (or log back in and process your order). 

Thank you for shopping with First Froots and enjoy your fresh and tasty fruit and veg.